5 French Streetwear Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

We take a look at the French streetwear scene with a selection of French streetwear brands that you should know about.

Think streetwear and street culture, think Paris. The fashion capital has been home to some of the biggest fashion houses of its time. Although it’s easy to think of Chanel and Balmain as some of the city’s leading labels, there are also some hidden streetwear gems too. Straight out of the Banlieues of inner City Paris, European streetwear has long been associated with the French capital. The film La Haine from 1995 really gave us an insight in the French Streetwear scene of the mid 90s. If there’s one thing the French know about when it comes to street fashion & style it’s got to be tracksuits & trainers. In this feature we take a look at a selection of French streetwear brands that should be on your radar.


French Streetwear Brands APC
Above: French streetwear brands #1 A.P.C.


Founded in 1987 by Jean Touitou the brand strives itself on its ready-to-wear apparel. Atelier de Production et de Création (APC) has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including Carhartt WIP, singer turned mogul, Kanye West and the Nike Air Max 1. You’ll find everything you need from this Parisian streetwear label, from their iconic raw denim to exaggerated silhouettes and formal wear. Perhaps the most exciting thing with APC is its latest collaboration with American rapper, singer, songwriter Kid Kudi. Talking about the collection Toutiou describes the drop as energetic and “joie de vivre”.


French Streetwear brands Helas
Above: French streetwear brands #2 Hélas


Inspired by the likes of Ralph Lauren’s Polo and Lacoste, Hélas has taken the French streetwear scene by storm. Starting back in 2011, the brand has become synonymous with its iconic headwear game and it has since been taken under wing by various skateboarders over the years. The brand also stocks a huge range of golf- club-meets-La Haine inspired clothing as well as dropping a collaboration with adidas Originals back in 2017.

Andrea Crews

French Streetwear brands Andrea Crews-x-Sergio Tacchini
Above: French streetwear brands #3 Andrea Crews


Perhaps the most interesting fact about this Unisex French streetwear label comes in the form of its new pieces as well as a recent collaboration with Sergio Tacchini in 2018. The Parisian based brand offers a range of interpreted sportswear, bold colouring and oversized garments. The brand offers two lines, a ready-to-wear high street collection and an artisanal made-in-Paris collection. Many of Andrea Crews pieces are often up cycled from existing pieces or material.

Drôle de Monsieur

French Streetwear Brands DRÔLE-DE-MONSIEUR
Above: French streetwear brands #4 Drôle de Monsieur


When it comes to a minimal, Scandinavian inspired label, think no further than Drôle de Monsieur. With the brand offering everything from sweatshirts and bucket hats, many of the pieces are filled with the brands motto “Not from Paris Madame”. The brand was created by who lived far from the fashion capital, Drôle de Monsieur create clothes that are gender free, including the brands iconic coach jacket. A quick scroll on the brands site shows pieces that are timeless and efficient, key streetwear staples for any closet.

Poyz & Pirlz

French Streetwear Poyz & Pirlz
Above: French streetwear brands #5 Poyz & Pirlz


Prototypical French streetwear brand Poyz & Pirlz has created a brand that is effortlessly cool. There collection features pieces of bold graphics and basic, staple pieces. The brand over time has released some limited run off sell out products with artist, Jean André. The Parisian streewear label was founded in 2008 and draws its main inspiration from 90s subculture, mixing design elements from the USA with classic Parisian street style. Working closely with a range of homegrown French rappers the French streetwear brand also offers a range of organic hoodies and tees for the sustainable streetwear consumer.

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